Design Wars – Gotta Have It

Have you heard of Design Wars??

Now that I’m designing patterns, I hope to get skilled enough to participate in a challenge…. and win! 🙂 Wouldn’t that be grand?
Lots of well known designers have entered designs, and it’s been pretty nice to see the newest yarns from Red Heart in action. It’s great to see how they look worked up. That really lets you know what sort of projects the yarn would look best in. Ever since I saw Medley in action I’ve been daydreaming about it. 😉
Another great thing about Design Wars? The fact that you can subscribe and get the new patterns and the Pattern Pack publication with your credits? It’s only $9.97USD a month for the highest level – Gotta Have It!  but you can try it for one month for ONLY $1! I did and now I am subscribed because I liked it a lot!  If you don’t? Well – you only spent $1 on a bunch of new patterns? It’s a No-Lose Deal. 🙂

Design Wars Sparkle & Doom Designs

I do recommend it – the patterns are great – and you have complete control through the credit system of what patterns you want to buy. Seeing as most patterns are $5 each – you easily get your money’s worth.  Today I got Fusion Slouch Cowl for only 1 credit … and I have credits left to spend.  If you crochet – you need to sign up!

**I am a paid affiliate!**

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