Free Death Star Beanie & Slouch Pattern

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I’ve made these hats available in my shop!

Death Star Beanie!

Death Star Slouch!

Death Star Beanie & Slouch Pattern

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Using the worsted weight grey yarn work up an Anita Toque in the beanie style or the slouch style.  Then work up the laser applique as follows:


Stitches used

  • SS slipstitch
  • CH chain
  • HDC half double crochet
  • DC double crochet
  • BLO back loop
  • Invisible Join
  • Many Thanks to Moogly’s excellent & helpful tutorials!

Round 1 – CH3, in first ch work 12DC, SS to first dc

Round 2 – all in BLO, CH2, 2DC in each stitch around, SS to first dc

Round 3 – CH1, (HDC, 2HDC) around, SS to first hdc, cut yarn leaving enough to sew onto hat, INVISIBLE JOIN

Using light grey sock yarn, embroider the lines onto the hat and laser.

adding the lines

adding the lines

Start the first line at the bottom of the row before you do the post stitches.  I do combo of running stitch and back stitch.  In this photo I am doing a back stitch after doing a running stitch.

all the horizontal lines are done!

all the horizontal lines are done!

I move up 3 rows for my second line, and 4 rows for my third line.  Make sure to not tighten up your embroidery to much as that will severely impact the fit of the hat.

Next add in the random up & down lines!!

adding in the up & down lines

adding in the up & down lines

it's a laser!

it’s a laser!

Then embroider your laser.  I like to do a star motif in the middle and then do circles.  But you could do long lines from the center to the edge as well.  Your choice!  Then sew on your laser with the long tail over the slight seam of the hat and you’re done!

completed hats

completed hats

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Death Star Beanie

Death Star Beanie

Death Star Slouch

Death Star Slouch

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