not here, busy!

hey guys!  Sorry for the quiet on my end.  I’ve been SO BUSY!

  1. harvest: everything had to be picked, cleaned, cut up, frozen, canned, or dried!  I’ll have to do a post on this years autumn food gathering. 🙂
  2. Saskatoon Expo:  I’ve been invited to share a table with a fellow crochet artist so I have been crocheting like mad in between all the farm and mom work.
  3. And of course when you are super busy is when your creative spark blooms into a wildfire.  I have been writing patterns daily and working out the kinks.  I even published one for sale on Ravelry without blogging about it!! BAD ME!! Go check it out. It will have it’s own post soonish I hope.

Did all this stop my husband from asking me to hand make his brother a wedding present one day before he and my kids {I stayed home with the farm} will leave to attend it?  No. Of course not.  Sadly, just matching toques is all I had time for {no photos – but I will probably make the pattern again}.  It may look like magic when I am wiggling my “wand” around, but it’s really not.  I think I will send the happy couple a box full of homemade jam and pickles and whatever else I end up making in the next couple of weeks ….

AFTER the Expo!

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One Response to not here, busy!

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    I’ll be watching for you there tomorrow! 🙂


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