Foraging hazelnuts

it’s hazelnut time!! For the first time I am beating the squirrels to the bounty!

Sparkle & Doom Designs

With my daughter we picked 2.5 buckets (10.5L buckets) worth.  It rained all day today, but I hope to go out tomorrow and get more – if they’re not all gone into squirrel hidey-holes.

This is a good blog post to read with lots of great info about the hazelnuts you will find in the wild in my area and most areas of North America.

Instead of laying them out to dry in our garage – and therefore temptations for the mice that would probably find them and if not steal them then poop on them ::YUCK:: – I just loaded them into our food dehydrator!  A few hours later and they were ready to be husked.  I suffered through about half of a dehydrator load {3/4 bucket} before I just had to wrap my fingers in electrical tape to protect them from the tiny thorns/hairs covering the pith.  Made it mush easier to bear.  So far I have a large coffee can 3/4 full of hazelnuts still in the shell. 😀  I am looking forward to making nutbutter, roasting them and adding them to meals, & baking with them.  It is going to feel and taste so good to eat hazelnuts I harvested myself. Ones free of pesticides and herbicides and organic.  Foraged food is the best food.

Sparkle & Doom Designs

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