Anita Toque

Anita Toque 02b

Anita Toque 05a

Adult Fitted Toque

Adult Fitted Toque

Large Adult Slouch

Large Adult Slouch

I’d like to introduce the Anita Toque!! I use it for most of my hats.  I find it simple and very customizable.  I’m offering it for $1CDN on Ravelry! 🙂  I will be adding more patterns as I get them written up. 🙂


This pattern WAS free – but I am in desperate need of dental surgery and need to save up money to get it down in 2016.  I hope you understand.

Thank you to all my visitors! Very excited to be #5!!

Please visit me on Facebook! There you will see all the projects I am working on! 🙂

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