Silicon Slipper Bottoms Tutorial

Want slipper bottoms that don’t wear out quickly? Perhaps something that is non-slip?  It’s as easy as adding silicon to the bottom.  It’s stinky, and sticky, but it really works!

Sparkle & Doom Designs

You need a caulking gun, and some clear silicon.  Squirt the silicon all over the bottom of the slipper, and then rub and smooth it into the yarn with your fingers.  You can dip your fingers in some water to help smooth it down. It won’t stop it from sticking to you, but you’ll have smooth skin afterwards. 😉  Also, the smell may give you a headache. oof!

It probably won’t end up super pretty, but it will be on the bottom of the slipper, so it doesn’t have to be beautiful. Just not lumpy.

Sparkle & Doom Designs

This is a photo taken while the silicon is still wet.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsAnd this is taken after it has dried overnight.  Not perfect, but it will do the job.

I’ve added the option to my Mukluk Boots listing, and took out the variation pricing for size. Now all sizes are $60, and with the silicon bottoms $70.

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One Response to Silicon Slipper Bottoms Tutorial

  1. asliceofsuzi says:

    What a great idea!


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