I’m knitting!

It’s kinda a big deal.  I have had troubles learning to knit for years.  But I was determined to learn… someday.  For some reason I need to know the WHY of how something works. Be it math, science, crafting, cooking, etc.  If I don’t understand it fundamentally, I have a really hard time figuring it out.  But of course once I have that WHY down, I can then expand and figure out everything else.

So, I thought about knitting.  About how the fabric is created.  About how the loops are formed and how there are multiple points of growth versus crochet’s one point of growth. I haven’t figured out slip stitches, lace making, cabling, and all the other great bits of knitting ….yet.  But – I AM KNITTING {and purling}!!!

Sparkle & Doom DesignsI’m making a log cabin pillow.  My own design! I’m having fun with the garter stitch and throwing in random patterns of knit and purls. 🙂  My tension is slowly getting there!

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