Mini Rings of Change WIP

Sparkle & Doom Designs

One of my Must Makes for 2015 is the Mini Rings of Change blanket by Frank O’Randle.  It’s a FREE pattern, yay! I wanted to crochet with my daughter and get her skills up.  She’s having a hard time crocheting as she gets bored easily, she says.  I thought a blanket that changes every round would be perfect.  Also, her crocheting skills and knowledge would improve drastically.  After we’re done this she’ll be able to make anything.  I bought some Caron Simply Soft with christmas gift money and we got started on Wednesday.  I wanted use to enjoy this project, and Caron Simply Soft is such a beautiful yarn that she loves it already. 😀  It uses a 6.00 mm hook, so it works up quickly.  So far she’s learned trc, hdc, and colour changing.  She already knew how to ch, ss, sc, and dc.  If you want to join us I’d love that!! I could start a Ravelry group, link to your posts, or share your photos along with our updates. 🙂

Mine with round 6 complete

Mine with round 6 complete

Rhiannon's Round 6 complete

Rhiannon’s Round 6 complete

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