Tuesday’s Ta Da and shop update

I’ve got several new designs in the shop today!

Sparkle & Doom Designs

A couple of lovely Stephanie Shell Caps in small sizes, but I’m working on adult sizes right now. Check back next week for a red one. 🙂 If you have any colour ideas, let me know!

Sparkle & Doom Designs

I also have fallen in love with this Peaked Cap pattern, and have made a few now.  Two are in the shop, with another listing custom order your own.  I made myself a hot pink one, and my daughter requested a black one with purple accents.  I have a deep purple one on the go at the moment, but I welcome any colour ideas.

Some more All Season baby hats and a pair of matching Knot Hard To Do booties, plus Made to Order options! 🙂 All patterns, except the Peaked Cap, are from Baca Creations!

Sparkle & Doom Designs

You can click on the photo to go to those listings!

Check out my shop, share some listings, help me spread the handmade love.

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