sale prep!

Getting prep done for a sale is a relief for me. I hate doing things last minute.

Sparkle & Doom Designs

Pricing and tagging finished crocheted items, tagging newly made brickstitch earrings, and lots of old stock.

Sparkle & Doom Designs

These will be available in my Etsy shop after the sale – if they’re unsold.  I ❤ the teal ones…. so maybe those won’t make it into  the shop. haha

Sparkle & Doom Designs

Lots of necklaces that either will get sold at this sale or torn apart for other projects.

Sparkle & Doom Designs

Trying out a new pattern, Baby Barefoot Gladiator Sandals by Whistle & Ivy.  I so wish I had a baby to try them on!!  I’m making them in buff brown with pink buttons {above}, aqua buttons, and black buttons. Also maybe green.  I’ll be making dark brown ones with the same button colours.  Probably a set in grey as well. They’re super cute, and I’m pricing them at $10.  They will be available in the shop soon!

Sparkle & Doom Designs

All jarred up and ready to go!  The half empty jar has earrings that will be $5 each or 3 for $12.  I hope for a sell out!

I also have to get a move on to make some Baby Flip Flop Sandals {also by Whistle & Ivy}, some Minecraft creeper beanies, and finish the 6 Olafs I have mostly done.


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