June’s Afghan.. WIPs and Possibilities

I started June’s afghan, even though I am not yet finished with March’s, April’s, or May’s!! |head desk|

Hedgehog black by One & Two Company

Hedgehog block by One & Two Company

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It should be a fairly quick make as I’m making it baby blanket sized.  Not King or Queen sized like 2 out of the 3 WIPs I have.  I’ve decided to make a boy-themed blanket, as I’ve made 3 baby girl blankets this year already!! Everyone needs to stop having girls LOL {even though I desperately want a baby girl myself}.  The pattern is from One & Two Company and is very sweet.  Carolina Guzman also has a lot of other hedgehog themed patterns to match if you wanted to go hedgehog crazy. 🙂  I’m using four shades of blue and teal.  Not sure how many greens I’ll use for the leaves.  I considered doing a grey background, but decided to do white.  I thought the grey would muddy up the blues to much.  What do you think? I could always change it, as I’m doing up the hedgies first and adding the white all in one go.

May's WIP Afghan

May’s WIP Afghan {just a wee bit – I’ve got a lot more done than shown!!}

I’m making quite a bit of progress on May’s afghan.  I knew it would take more than a month considering I’m making it large and super scrappy.  I’ve already gone through all the colours and now have to go back through my huge stash cutting lengths again. UGH! But the end result will be worth it.  It will be So Awesome.  And well loved I hope!

April's Afghan: Lego Afghan

April’s Afghan: Lego Afghan

My April afghan is not getting the attention it deserves, especially considering it’s for my son.  I meant to have it done for his birthday {in May}. |sigh|  I think I’ll make it my new Jeep Project and work on it when we’re travelling {45 minute drive to the nearest large city where we do a lot of shopping/bill paying}.  My son is quite patient, which is nice!

March's Afghan: Celtic Lace

March’s Afghan: Celtic Lace

March’s afghan is coming along nicely.  I’m out of lavender though!! DOH!! I’ve got to buy probably 3 more skeins to finish it.  It’s going to be king size, so it takes a lot of yarn.   I think it’s so gorgeous, and it will look stunning when it’s done.  My husband picked out the colours as he likes to remind everyone. 🙂 It’s so nice to have a supportive and encouraging partner for my craftiness.

Willow Block by Jan Eaton

Willow Block by Jan Eaton

I’ve been admiring The Patchwork Heart‘s work using this block.  I’m thinking of copying/flattering her by making my own.  Perhaps for July?

So far challenging myself to make an afghan a month has been just that – a challenge.  But I am persevering.  I hope to accomplish this goal and have lots of great blankets to show for it. 🙂  Do you challenge yourself in your respective crafts? Share with me.  Let’s encourage each other to not give up and celebrate when we reach those goals and, more importantly, celebrate that we are trying to reach these goals.  That’s the real accomplishment IMO.  That I keep trying.

Rainbow afghan!!

Rainbow afghan!!

And yes this year {or two year} old WIP is still a WIP and not an UFO gathering dust.  🙂  It helps that I’m doing lots of other projects and hence has lots of scraps to add to this.  My Scrappy Rainbow Afghan will get done…. maybe not this year…. but it will get done.

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