Lalylala Kangaroo Project

Bernat Mosaic in Optimistic

Bernat Mosaic in Optimistic

new project!

The last week I’ve been working on Illiana’s birthday present for her 3rd Birthday.Β  I love the Lalylala dolls, and decided out of the five patterns I own I would make her the Kangaroo one, mostly because of the baby. πŸ™‚

Follow Anita’s board Project: Illiana’s Lalylala Kangroo Doll on Pinterest.

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3 Responses to Lalylala Kangaroo Project

  1. paula fernandez says:

    helloooo i love laylalala doll’s but can’t buy the pattern can you share it for me? or an explanation i do first de legs and then the body and then sew it togheter or simple de leg and yoining them together and continue with de body? thanks!! paula


    • Hi Paula,

      I love the Lalylala’s too. I know it’s an expensive pattern, but that’s part of why it’s special. I don’t feel right about bypassing the artist and giving away her patterns, when that’s how she makes her income. It would be like Dine n’Dashing or shoplifting from a store. The dolls do sell from $50 to $120 in Etsy shops, so you’d certainly make your money back if you sold one. You could probably get someone to pay you even before you buy the actual pattern. πŸ™‚


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