Lalylala Kangaroo Project

Bernat Mosaic in Optimistic

Bernat Mosaic in Optimistic

new project!

The last week I’ve been working on Illiana’s birthday present for her 3rd Birthday.  I love the Lalylala dolls, and decided out of the five patterns I own I would make her the Kangaroo one, mostly because of the baby. 🙂

Follow Anita’s board Project: Illiana’s Lalylala Kangroo Doll on Pinterest.

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3 Responses to Lalylala Kangaroo Project

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  2. paula fernandez says:

    helloooo i love laylalala doll’s but can’t buy the pattern can you share it for me? or an explanation i do first de legs and then the body and then sew it togheter or simple de leg and yoining them together and continue with de body? thanks!! paula


    • Hi Paula,

      I love the Lalylala’s too. I know it’s an expensive pattern, but that’s part of why it’s special. I don’t feel right about bypassing the artist and giving away her patterns, when that’s how she makes her income. It would be like Dine n’Dashing or shoplifting from a store. The dolls do sell from $50 to $120 in Etsy shops, so you’d certainly make your money back if you sold one. You could probably get someone to pay you even before you buy the actual pattern. 🙂


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