my bread & butter

whew!  I’m super busy and it isn’t even planting time.  Although we did get our seeds for the garden yesterday, I don’t start them early anymore.  Having to work really hard to keep 6 cats from 1- lieing on, 2- digging in, or 3- chewing and eating the baby plants is just to much.  The cat army won that war.  🙂

Sparkle & Doom DesignsNope, I’ve been kept busy with custom orders! 🙂  This one is for slippers for two young girls.  Very lovely patterns were chosen.  This one is Molly Summer Slippers by Mamachee.  The colours picked is a mulberry purple and a pink.  They’re very nice!  The second round of the sole keeps foiling me up, but that’s my mistake.  Hopefully after these are done I won’t have any problems.

little square buttons!

little square buttons!

I love the squarish toes!

I love the squarish toes!

The second pair is another pattern by the same designer – Chloe Slippers by Mamachee.  A bright Sully {from Monsters Inc!} blue is paired with a mint green.  I really like this colour combo!! Definitely going to keep it in mind for future projects.  It’s combining two traditionally masculine colours together and it comes out very feminine.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsI still to do #2 and attach a button.  Also have to make the soles for both.  I’m going to sew denim down on them so that the crochet yarn doesn’t wear through and start to unravel.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsThat TOE!! So adorable.  I love chubby toes on shoes for some reason.

I’ll have these slippers available in the shop soonish on a made-to-order basis.  SO if you like what you’ve seen, remember – Custom Orders are my bread & butter!!

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