WIP Wednesday

well April is pretty much over and I am still not done my March afghan OR my April afghan.  I will have to start my May afghan anyways, as it’s a present and I will probably need the extra time to finish it. {head desk}

March's Afghan: Celtic Afghan

March’s Afghan: Celtic Afghan

close-up. Note the two shades of blue

close-up. Note the two shades of blue

I *could* cheat and say Anna’s wee afghan was a month’s afghan – but it wasn’t in the plan, so I won’t.

April's Afghan: Lego Afghan

April’s Afghan: Lego Afghan



I wanted to get April’s afghan done in time for my son’s birthday in May.  But that is not going to happen.  I’m not even half way! ARGH! To much to do, and gardening hasn’t even started yet. lol  I’m making it 14 X 14, so that’s 196 blocks. urg.

In some more busybusybusy news, my orders for Olaf’s has tripled in one day. Tripled.



aren't they so cute?

aren’t they so cute?

So afghan’s aren’t getting any daytime hookin time. Just evening. 🙂 But I’ll be able to put extra cash towards bills and garden seeds.  Which is a super awesome feeling.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsAlso keeping my distracted is baby feet! Not that I have any baby feet here, but I love making little shoes for them.  This is a pair of Moogly’s Loopy Love Newborn Booties. So cute.

What are you hookin???

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