Sunday Studio: cleanup

yeah, it’s kinda redonk!

Sparkle & Doom DesignsI emptied, moved, and filled these two shelving units.  They’re sitting a bit better, and just as stuffed as before.  The bottom shelves have my hard cover craft encyclopedias, heavy craft supplies , and a row of magazines. 2 more shelves of magazines, a shelf of needlework kits, 12 shoe boxes of beads & supplies, a tote of ribbon, polyfil, sequins, leather, knickknacks …. oh my! I certainly ❤ my supplies.  I found lots of beads, scarves, and feathers that I forgot I had.  You can see some of my canister collection.  Those red ones have leather bits in them.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsBeads beads beads!! And more beads.  And peacock feathers!

Sparkle & Doom DesignsI wanted to keep these books more handy and top of mind, so I arranged them and popped an owl bookend on top!  The nest and egg were found on the ground on the property, and that beaded handbag os one of my favorite vintage finds.  Tiny steel beads in an art nouveau design. Just amazing!

Sparkle & Doom DesignsNeedlework kits {need to do them!}, canning jars of beautiful buttons & glass marbles with a tiny chair and table set.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsBeads!! {did I mention I love beads?}

Sparkle & Doom DesignsA set of my wooden canisters, beaded pansies, and halloween stones! Gotta make something with them.  I’m like a raven and am attracted to all things shiny.

🙂 I hope you enjoyed this peek into my space.

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