WIP round up

Wednesday – a day I use to remind myself to get my projects done!!!

Celtic Afghan - March's afghan

Celtic Afghan – March’s afghan

Yup, I figured I’d be still working on this.  I’ve bought another giant ball of yarn in a different shade of blue and another giant ball of green,  I’ll be buying more of the lavender and raiding my giant tote of white/cream yarn to finish this blanket.  It’s going to be king size, 10 X 10 or 12.  It’s already showing how stunning it’s going to be.  My husband loves it and is very encouraging and excited to see the finished blanket. 🙂

Family Fox Set: custom order

Family Fox Set: custom order

This custom order is coming together.  I couldn’t find a perfectly matching blue when I ran out and the order expanded to include the diaper cover and mitts.  The light blue I did find matches close enough I don’t think it’ll matter.  I just have to finish the mitts, two fox faces, sew on mama & papa ears, braid and weave in my ends and stick a fork in it.

Yellow Butterfly Blanket - custom order

Yellow Butterfly Blanket – custom order

When I delivered baby Claire’s blanket, big sister Anna wanted her own.  🙂  Big sister Lexi will have to be next I think. lol

Rainbow Sunburst afghan

Rainbow Sunburst afghan

Still hooking this!  I refuse to let it become a UFO.  It’s just taking forrrreeevvvverrrr!

Missing from today’s photo line-up: shark booties, owl booties, scrappy cowl, and R2D2 beanies.  All WIP and in danger of becoming UFOs. :O

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