Monday blues!  It’s so cold still!  We had some plus temperatures, back for the past week we’ve dived back down into the cold.  This week we are supposed to slowly climb back up the thermometer.  I hope we break the 0 mark on Saturday!

Then I can really start thinking about gardening, and enjoying the outdoors.  I am just not a snow person.  I am a lie-in-the-sun person and walk-in-the-dappled-sunshine person.  It’s supposed to be a dry year, which we will be grateful for.  We have a lot of ground water here, so a little dryness will be welcome.

March is almost over – so my celtic afghan has to get done in the next week!! I’m a bit behind, so I’m not sure I will get it done. 😦  Remember that baby blanket for February? Clara loves it as much as a 2 month old baby can, and so does her older sister!  Well.  I got a request from Anna to make HER a blanket.  Butterflies as well, and she likes yellow.  Which is great since I bought some yellow gumdrop yarn on a whim and have been looking at it for about a month wondering what the heck I was going to use it for. 😀 Serendipity!

This week I am working on the peacock necklace {still!! I had to cut off ALL the fringing I had got done due to a huge mistake. 😦 } and I want to get a bunch of fox items finished or at least started.  I’m jonesing to work with orange yarn for some reason.  Also, I am designing {!!!} a new beanie pattern.  It came out great on the 4th try in a woman’s size.  SO I have to try it in other sizes and then write it up.  And learn how to make a PDF.  Then I can offer it for free or maybe a small fee.

Sparkle & Doom Designs

But in the best of procraftinating effort, I made a bunch of pieces of jewelry today.  An idea has been swirling in my creative brain for a few months, so finally I let it out for a bit.  I sure need to do more, as I hardly made a dint in my stash.

I’ll list them soon, so keep an eye on my shop or my Facebook page! You won’t want to miss these one of a kind pieces if you love gemstones!

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