WIP Wednesday

Now we all know I have a zillion projects on the go.  Right now, these guys are getting my attention!

Elf Hat for me!

Elf Hat for me!

I am super excited to get this one done.  I actually finished the hat part last night while watching Believe (episode 1), Resurrection (episode 2), and The Blacklist (episode 16).  James Spader is so great, and the two new shows are pretty good so far.

I just have to make the 3 or so pompoms and weave in the ends.  Again, inspired by Frogging Along’s Striped Elf Hat but with changes and a ribbed hem.  It’s super long and hangs past my butt.  All yarns are from a bag of misc. yarn in my stash.  I’ll be finishing off a bunch of the balls & remenants when I make the pompoms.  A complete stash buster!  I love my Daryl Dixon hook and TBBT stitch markers from The Lemonade Shop.  Makes crocheting even more fun. 🙂  I’ll have to get mykids to take a photo or two of me in my hat…. or learn to use the timer. lol

Dawn Treader for my husband

Dawn Treader for my husbandThis pieceis the back of the ship

Yup, still working on this guy.  I have a lot of in-progress photos to share some day.  Certainly now a project for the faint of heart.  Now that my eye is better, I can do the thread work again.  It’s a tricky pattern as every single row is different, so you really have to keep track of where you are.  This piece is the back of the ship.  So – almost done!!

Sparkle & Doom DesignsFor my beading projects, I am working on the peacock necklace.  It’s a lovely pattern, but again you have to super concentrate to not make mistakes.  I’ve had to rip out a couple of times.  And Doom took off with my teal bugles, but I’ve found them now.  Hopefully he won’t make off with any more bags of beads.  Cats!

Sparkle & Doom DesignsAnd this scrap project is still being worked on.  Although it will probably be sunny and warm by the time I’m done.  Destined to be a cowl, but there is always cool nights by the campfire I suppose.

Are you busy this Wednesday and every day?  Share your projects!

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