The eyes have it

Friday morning, being a school morning,  I get up early and after starting the coffee I go to stoke or start the furnace.  We live on 161-some acres and have wood heat.  So every day I am putting wood into the furnace, starting it, banking it for night, etc.  I am the fire keeper of the family.  Not a fire bug by any stretch of the imagination, I have a lot of respect for fire.  I’ve learned a bit on how it behaves.  Flues & chimney’s are still frustrating, as air flow through a house and positive/negative pressures are a mystery to me still.

Most days this routine is just that… routine.

Friday morning, however, was not.  It turns out that quite a bit of soot had built up and had finally blocked the chimney.  Which means the smoke has no where to go.  Which means the fire has no air flow and smothers.  Until you open the furnace door that is.

They call it flashburn.  My right cornea is burnt a bit, and my eyelid was a bit burnt.  Half my eyelashes, and my eyebrow suffered as well.

The fire flared up and out when I opened the door, greeting the influx of oxygen with enthusiasm.  And my face.  Greeted my face with surprise and warmth.  Not pleasent as all.

At first I was like “whoa!”  I didn’t think any damage had happened until I noticed my eyelashes were half gone and my eyelid started swelling around suppertime.  My eye was watering and quite painful.  So the next day I went to the hospital and got checked out.

So now, I take it easy.  I’m on an antibiotic cream in my eye{NOT fun}. Watching the Oscars was painful by the end, so no great amount of screentime for me.  I’ll also not be able to really work on my beadwork for the next bit.  Crochet – I’ll be taking it slow.

I came face-to-face with a great fear.  Being blind.  Thankfully not this time around.  But I’ll be opening the furnace door a lot more slowly from now on.

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