It’s been a quiet few days with the kids gone.  My husband has been quite sick with a head cold and aches and pains.  I’ve been fighting the same bug, but haven’t been as sick as he has been, yet.  The kids seemed to be fine when they left, and I haven’t heard that they’ve been ill,so I hope that they’re okay.

I’ve gotten a few crochet and bead projects done.  One Moroccan Cowl is done, and the other is waiting for more yarn.  I ran out on the second last row. We’ll be making a trip into town soon, so that will be resolved. 🙂

My new favorite yarn is Caron Simply Soft.  It’s weight 4, the weight I like to work with the most.  It’s soft and glossy.  And the range of colours is stunning.  I’ll be ordering from the website when I decide what colours I want for a peacock afghan and my Circle Vest.

I also finished a netted bracelet, made with glass bead oddments.  I took a ton of photos and will be creating a tutorial to share with you.  I’m thinking of doing a few tutorials on the basics of beading, encouraging more of you to pick up a size 13 needle and support your local bead stores. 🙂

The weather is getting warmer for the next few days, which is nice for the animals.  They can have some extra outside time.

This week I am going to be sharing new listings, photos, and {hopefully} a beading tutorial! ❤

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