It’s February, and since it’s Saskatchewan the snow will be on the ground until April.  😦  Last year the snow lasted until mid-April.  A full 6 months of snow on the ground. {why do we live here??} We are already sick of the snow around here.  Well I guess to be more accurate, we are sick of -25C and colder.  If winter stayed around -15C it would be awesome.  There would be snow, icicles, hoarfrost, and everything else that comes in a Canadian winter.  But without the frostbite, frozen fingers, and chill that just won’t quit.

February break is coming up starting this weekend.  It’s going to be busy for the kids.  Travelling to stay with grandparents, and a sleepover birthday party.  I have some even-longer quiet days and evenings to craft and be with my husband.  Doom will mope, as he always does when the kids are gone.  He’ll start following me around and staring at me. Like that will make the kids come home faster.  🙂

The chickens are faring midling-well.  They have a heater in the coop, but I’m sure they are looking forward to being able to be outside in the warmth.  The roosters are fine and enjoying being a couple of Wild And Crazy Guys with their choice of willing ladies.

The ponies are still at my FIL’s place,hopefully getting their hooves trimmed, gelded, and haltered.  This is the year I want them to get halter trained.

I feel I’m behind on my Must Makes for this year.  The Dragon Ship is about half done, and I haven’t started anything else on the list.  I have January’s afghan done, and February’s is on track to be done by the end of the month.  I have the beads forthe peacock feather necklace and just need to carve out some quiet time to do that.  Perhaps this coming up week when the kids are gone. 🙂

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