Matryoshka banner ta da

Sparkle & Doom DesignsI absolutely love this cartridge!  It has so many images I love.  Owls, foxes, birds, and cute borders.

I especially love the matryoshka nesting doll, so that was the first one I cut!

The only thing I don’t like about that image is that the face is seperate from the body, and therefore needs to be glued to a background… or be creepy and faceless.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsI cut it in rainbow colours, and matched them with a two-step colour difference.  Red + Yellow, skipping the orange.  It gives a slight look of randomness, but it’s not random at all, so your inner eye likes it.  Plus the colours will really pop.

Sparkle & Doom DesignsYou can see the shininess of the glue sadly. 😦

Sparkle & Doom DesignsI glued the twine on with a scrap piece of paper  approximently 6 inches apart.  It makes a very cute banner I think!  I’m looking forward to making one in delft blue and white, windmills, people, and maybe some farm animals for my Gma-in-law.  She is from the Netherlands, so I think she will really love it.  What do you think of having a matryoshka doll banner available in the shop?

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