2014 is the year I want to get caught up on my WIPs and UFOs!  Fairly ambitious I know, especially considering all the Must Makes I’ve been dieing to create.  Pretty much all my Must Makes are crochet.  I guess that means I need to be looking though my beading magazines a little bit more. 🙂

My List of Must Makes

Circle Vest

paper pieced feather quilt

Coco the cat and all her outfits! I have all the magazines – just have to actually make them!

I have so many ideas! I have great thread, yarn and buttons. Just Must Make!

this could be done in fun summery colours for one of my summer blanket projects

I purchased this pattern and the beads I need….. so now to find the time to sit down and do it!

I own this pattern {and lots of other Bonita ones} so I really should make myaelf one!

I should make this in April for my son’s birthday present!

so simple yet beautiful

Maybe a scarf, bag, or blanket!

Pirate Blanket!!

I have to make Rhiannon one!

for me 🙂

for me!

for my TP! lol

I’ve been buying yarn for this beauty already!

I think done in peacock colours would be stunning. Bright blue, navy blue, teal, and purple with some gold.

I have the patterns for a few of these dolls. ALL are Must Makes this year!

Dragon Ship – nuff said

So much more I know….. I think I’ll have to add to this and maybe do a quarterly check off of what I’ve gotten done.  This WILL be the year of the circle vest for sure.  I’m just dieing to have one!!

All pinned to my board MUST MAKE!

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