Steve and Herobrine Beanies ta da!!

Every minecraft player knows who Steve is.  They probably know who Herobrine is too.  Now they are both available as a beanie!

AND the pattern is available in my Ravelry shop!

Sparkle & Doom DesignsFor those that don’t know, Steve is the player and if you hit F5 you can change your views so you can see what “you” look like.

Herobrine is a “ghost in the machine” concept cooked up by some player.  The rumor spread like crazy.  It’s not true of course, but makes for an interesting story.  He looks just like Steve except he has completely white eyes.  I have to admit that beanie kinda creeps me out.

Steve Beanie

Steve Beanie

Herobrine Beanie

Herobrine Beanie

Available in my Etsy shop!

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8 Responses to Steve and Herobrine Beanies ta da!!

  1. Cindy says:

    Do you sell a pattern for this?


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  3. My kids are Minecraft crazy and these hats are great! Thanks for linking up on Hookin On Hump Day!


  4. Brittany says:

    These are really cute! I have a couple of cousins who are really into Minecraft and would get a kick out of these! I love seeing projects that are game or movie inspired, they are so fun! Do you sell the actual hats or the patterns?


  5. Sue Zimmer says:

    Looking good, hope to see you at the craft sale. I’m hoping to get a creeper toque.


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