Pizza Scarf Ta da!

Sparkle&DoomDesignsI gave my other {unpaid} model some work for his portfolio {lolz}.  He was rather uncomfortable so I think we can rule out walking the catwalk as a future profession, or even catalogue model.

Enough about my offspring and on to the crochet! w00t!  I finished this scarf a while ago, but turns out I forgot to Ta Da it.  I’m working on two others that will finish up the yellow yarn I have left.  I may see if I can squeak a fourth one out of the leftover. We’ll see.

Sparkle&DoomDesignsIt’s a very generous size, perfect for prairie winters.  It’s nice and tall to be able to cover from collarbone to nose.  I didn’t double the yarn, so it’s not super thick, but the Red Heart Love yarn is very nice and cozy.  I did sew the pepperoni’s on doubled, so the scarf is reversable and that means there are spots of triple thickness, so that helps with the warmth factor.

Sparkle&DoomDesignsI’m making them for the November Rotary Sale happening in Prince Albert on November 9th and 10th {Saturday & Sunday}.  I’ll have three done for the sale {and maybe a fourth?}  If they don’t sell, I’m certain a family member will scoop one up for sure.

I have permission to sell them at the craft sale, but not in my Etsy store {boo!}.  So if you’re interested send me an email.


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