Moogly Cat Scoodie ta da!

A custom order Moogly Cat Scoodie!

Sparkle&DoomDesigns{with the lovely Rhiannon modelling}, here’s my first custom ordered Scoodie!  I altered the Moogly pattern in how I made the scarf portion.  I needed to make it striped, so that required me to crochet it completely opposite.  It turned out very well!

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scoodie inspirationThis photo was sent to me by the purchaser as an inspiration in regards to colours and feel of the scoodie she wanted.  This one {source unknown} is knitted, and the hood is stitched up.  It’s very pretty, and I really like the colour combination.

Moogly has  set up a page for vendors, Moogly Makers, so I’ve gotten some traffic to my Etsy Shop via her link.  I’m grateful to be listed, and am excited to get the business and have some new visitors!

Sparkle&DoomDesigns Sparkle&DoomDesignsLovely grey, teal, and blue!

Sparkle&DoomDesigns Sparkle&DoomDesigns Sparkle&DoomDesigns❤ my model!  I hope my customer is happy with her scoodie!

{if you’d like to order your own go HERE}

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2 Responses to Moogly Cat Scoodie ta da!

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  2. Adorable! And the little paw print embellishment is so cute!

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