love mailday

October is here, and it’s a surprise.  Not a very pleasent surprise.  After the long winter, and short hot summer, we were all hoping to hang onto summer for much longer.  Soon it will snow.  Probably in two weeks if not by the end of October at least.  Then it’s six more months of snow. *sigh*


Most of the canning is done.  I have zucchini’s and cucumber to deal with.  I’ve finished de-cobbing the corn today.  I do it by hand, and it’s not as labourous as you might expect.  It takes as long as shelling peas, or cleaning chokecherries.  We have probably about 15 cups in the freezer.  Our cobs were quite short this year, but the corn was nice.

I had a great mailday yesterday!  I ordered a crochet hook set from China, and it arrived.  I have a limited selection of steel hooks, so I wanted to expand my home collection a bit.

Sparkle&DoomDesigns Sparkle&DoomDesignsYes, that’s a LOT of pink & purple yarn.  A giant tote worth.  I recently purchased a lady’s {who passed away} stash.  Three regular totes, 3 garbage bags, and 2 large totes worth of yarn, and a tote and garbage bag full of crochet thread.  It was quite the bargain! 😀  There was also a LOT of eyelash/boa/novelty yarn.  Pretty wuch a tote’s worth.  If you look in the above photo you may spot another mailday surprise!  Look closer!

Sparkle&DoomDesignsAn adorable Gnome hook {in the coveted 4.oo mm size}!  I recently won a giveaway on Facebook and won this prize from The Lemonade Shop {Etsy & Facebook}.  It is so very adorable!  I love it! It’s certainly a wonderful present for someone who crochets.  Thank you Lemonade Shop!!

I have a plan for all the boa yarn.  I’m going to crochet it up with one or two other yarns into cowls.  I’ll attempt to get one done for every day in October.  Using up my now very large stash of yarn, and creating some inventory for the craft sale I want to sell at in November.

Also in anticipation of that I will be having a 25% off everything in my shop!!  Please visit it and make some holiday purchases! 🙂

Sparkle & Doom Designs

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