mmm Blackcherry Jelly

This harvest season was pretty successful on the blackcherry {aka chokecherry} front.  I’ve made several 125 mL {the perfect size!} jars, and am willing to let some go.


I love my new stickers, so adorable!

The 125mL jar of Blackcherry {or Chokecherry if you prefer} Jelly will be $5 a jar.  I’ll only be selling in Canada, and probably to local friends at that.  I only have around a dozen jars I’m willing to let go {the jelly is a intergal part of school lunches around here}.


Just like my Free Run Eggs {$3/dozen – sounds low but is the going rate out here in the local grocery stores}, I’ll take orders through my Facebook page.  We try to make it out to Saskatoon once a month, and we go to Prince Albert a lot more than that.  If you’re interested let me know here or on Facebook.


A long time friend and ex-coworker has asked for relish, but otherwise I don’t really have enough to sell.  I want to keep at least a dozen jars for our use.

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