we went fishing  at the Nisbet Trout Pond again {we don’t go often enough}.

Sparkle&DoomDesigns Sparkle&DoomDesigns

We caught one fish and a friend caught two and gifted us with them.  They’re very small, but quite yummy.

Sparkle&DoomDesignsIt’s a stocked pond, so they don’t get much bigger than that. Each fish is pretty much a meal for one.  Next year I hope we can borrow a camper and go up north to a lake and camp and fish. {need the camper for more sturdy anti-bear shelter and for the dogs}

annoying illegal campers in the background

annoying illegal campers in the background

Sparkle&DoomDesignsI didn’t buy a fishing license this year, so I was busy reading and crocheting and thinking about bracelets.  This is my third {third!!} large Owl Basket that I’ve started.  I keep running out of yarn! Super annoying.  From the looks of what’s left of my skeins this one will be a UFO awaiting a shopping trip. 😦

Sparkle&DoomDesignsA quick photo of why I seldom bead and watch TV.  A few mistakes, so this one is a keeper. 🙂

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