kitty and hunny

It’s a busy, cool day around here. I’m baking, canning, and cleaning.  The plan was to go fishing, but that may happen tomorrow if it’s sunny. Well – I’ll be crocheting while my hunny and children fish. 😉

But here’s a snap a cutie Jack to keep you company while I’m busy. 🙂

Sparkle&DoomDesignsyup, that’s my Ocean Waves blanket that I made for a Crochet Crowd challenge.  I didn’t get it done in time. It’s all scrappy and orange. 🙂

And another, cuz Jack is cute.

Sparkle&DoomDesignsAlso today, I needed a beading fix {cuz I’m feeling stressed and harried} so I took this oppurtunity to quickly fix my hunny’s broken necklace {that I made him a couple of years ago}.


It needed a new clasp, so I stole one from a necklace off a pile of jewelry I made years ago that I’ve never listed.  I’m going to go through the pile and tear a bunch apart, give some to my daughter, and maybe keep some for sale.  The skill level is a lot lower than what I am now, and it’s just not worth my time to inventory and photograph to stock my shop.  I’m taking the beads of the victim necklace (bright yellow and tealy green) and combining with black to make a potawatomi daisy chain necklace.  Maybe for me, maybe for the shop. Photo’s soon. 🙂

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