cucumbers and daisies

keeping up with the harvest has been tough for me.  I’ve got so much to do, and I don’t like to can when it’s very hot outside as it warms up the house to much – making it uncomfortable for everyone.  I have a lot of pretty ripe {tending to over ripe} cucumbers that I’m going to make into relish, but I picked out the perfect ones and made 5.5 L of pickles today.  3L of Bread & Butter Pickles from this recipe, and 2.5L of dill pickles from the recipe on the back of the spice mix jar.

Dill slices and spears cooking

Dill slices and spears cooking

Bread & Butter pickles cooking

Bread & Butter pickles cooking

we also harvested all the peas today.  12.5 cups worth, so just over 4 L.  Not to bad for $3 worth of seeds.

sparkle&doomdesignsI also completed a custom order yesterday.  I already shared on Facebook, but I’ll share here too. 🙂

sparkle&doomdesigns sparkle&doomdesignsIt’s a potawatomi daisy chain stitch, done in opaque black and 3 cut hematite seed beads.  The hematite seed beads add just a bit of sparkle, while keeping the necklace dark and neutral toned.  It’s a nice stitch, and very under rated.  People hear daisy chain and think kids at camp learning it.  Well, true enough probably, but it’s still a really nice chain that you can add or take away as many colours as you want.  It’s sturdy and strong. But it’s think enough that you could put a pendant on it.  I used a toggle closure that is pretty enough that it could be worn in the front if the client really wanted to. 🙂

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