Fairy Bells are … tasty?

Well I don’t know if they’re tasty or not, they’re not ripe!

Sparkle&DoomDesigns: Fairy Bells BerriesIt’s a bit of a jungle in the space between the fenced garden and the slough.  Nice and moist ground with shade from all the birch trees.  Mosquito heaven mind you.

I found this plant with bright, rough, orange berries and wanted to know if was poisonous.  So I spent some time on the internet {all hail the mighty internet!}, and found this informative website with lots of edible berries and other stuff and links regarding them, Northern Bushcraft.  It has a section about Fairy Bells berries!  I recognized the flower that they had in the spring, and the fruit and leaves look exactly the same as my mysterious plant now.  Very cute name – better than Dog Feet.  The wiki entry on them: Prosartes Trachycarpa.  A fairly common plant, but not one that many people know about!

Sparkle&DoomDesigns: Fairy Bell berriesHere is a snap of another one I found.  You can see the berries from the side pretty well, but take a look from a bird’s eye view!

Sparkle&DoomDesigns: Fairy Bell berriesVirually hidden!  The plant is a member if the lily family, and that’s obvious from the leaves.  Nicely shaped and deep green.

Sparkle&DoomDesigns: Fairy Bell berriesQuite the money shot!  There seems to be 2 berries always grouped together, and each plant usually only has 2, but I’ve seen one with 4 {two separete groups of 2}. I’ll have to let you know how they taste!

Doom looking unimpressed.

Doom looking unimpressed.



Doom decides to go exploring

Doom decides to go exploring

Jack is already looking for ducks.

Jack is already looking for ducks.

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One Response to Fairy Bells are … tasty?

  1. molly says:

    it looks so lovely there! and you’re looking mighty fine yourself! let us know how the berries taste when they’re ripe!


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