zippy zucchini relish


canning season has begun!

this year I’ve started off with Zippy Zucchini Relish. I should have added more zucchini as I am about 615 mL short {2.5  250mL jars didn’t get filled}. *sigh* ah well.  I made this last year, and it was pretty nummy.  Going to be making more this year.  It uses up zucchini, and it is really really good!  The whole family likes it.  🙂  Saves having to buy relish throughout the year.  The cost savings are not to bad. It comes to $2.85 per 250 mL jar {not counting labour & zucchini}.  Grocery store relish is probably around the same but then you have preservatives and dye, etc.

cooking the relish!

cooking the relish!

This needs more zucchini – which won’t be a problem for future batches.

cooling jars

cooling jars

I’ll be making pickles this week as well.  It’s supposed to be +30C tomorrow! Hot day in a hot kitchen. Fun! 😉

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One Response to zippy zucchini relish

  1. Sue Zimmer says:

    Good for you! I love preserving home grown food. With our weird early summer weather I never did get much of a garden planted – cherry tomatoes that’s it! I only just grow enough for the g-kids to eat off the vine.


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