chainmaille bracelet ta da!

you know how sometimes something gets pushed down on the To Do list that it falls off the end?  Blogging about this bracelet was one of those! whoops!!



I bought myself a chainmaille book in June for my birthday, and some rings and got busy!

My first project {and only so far} is this bracelet for my beloved husband. 🙂

I really enjoy chain maille making. It’s very time consuming and hard on the wrists, but enjoyable.  I like adding new skills to my repertoire.  I have to make more of the complicated weaves.  I’ve set it down, but will be picking up my tools again soon.  I don’t think I’ll be a dedicated chain-mailler, but I want to be skillful at it!

the mixed bag of rings!!

the mixed bag of rings!!

working the weave

working the weave

Sparkle&DoomDesignsI made the bracelet using the byzantine weave.  It looks quite complicated, but is actually easy.  They tell you that in the book, and it’s certainly the truth.

The bracelet has some tool marks on it, it’s certainly not perfect.  I think that if I was going to do more chainmaille in a professional way I’d get two dedicated pliers and dip the ends in liquid silicon so that they won’t mar the rings.

Here in Saskatchewan we are extremely lucky to be home of The Ring Lords.  A company that creates supplies of chain maille and has artists on staff who do chainmaille!  They’ve gotten some exciting contracts, and have done some amazing work! A friend of mine works there now and loves his job.  He’s quite excited about the work that they do and the products that they make.  While I got my supplies at a well stocked local store, Metal Designz on Broadway Avenue, I will be looking into online ordering from The Ring Lords as well.

Sparkle&DoomDesignsOn the To Do list: Chainmaille Bikini 😉

** no compensation given for gushing about the stores in this post.

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One Response to chainmaille bracelet ta da!

  1. molly says:

    katie has done some of this work as well – after bracelets, she moved onto making a tie! and i like your comment about learning new skills – nothing we ever learn, no skill we ever gain is wasted! keep it up!


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