2013 gardening

this year’s garden isn’t doing to badly!  We planted late and from seed.  I didn’t start anything at all this spring.  I just couldn’t get around to doing it.  Hopefully next year I’ll be  a bit more ambitious!  Once again we got our seeds from Seedy Saturday {put on by CHEP}. Specifically from Jim Ternier and his seed saving business.  I haven’t had bad luck with his seeds at all.



We made these towers out of branches and small trees and used twine to tie the plants on and also created a lattice for them to attach and climb on.

Corn, Beans, Carrots, Zuccini, and Pumpkins

Corn, Beans, Carrots, Zuccini, and Pumpkins

Tomatoes, Peppers, adn Peas.  I've since cut the grass down in this corner

Tomatoes, Peppers, and Peas. I’ve since cut the grass down in this corner

I’m still figuring out how the sun and shade works in this space.  I want to get a few trees cut down that shade the back corner.  The large pine tree in the garden area is also annoying.  But in order to not destroy the fence with a falling tree we might have to pay for an abourist to come and do it for us.

getting some zuccini's!

getting some zuccini’s!

I’m looking forward to making more Zippy Zuccini Relish!!

hello Hello Kitty

hello Hello Kitty

Sparkle&DoomDesignsAs you can see a use the “witches garden” method.  Which means I only weed in the plots where the vegetables are and leave the rest of the garden to grow wild.  I’ve had very few pest problems, because they have their preffered food around rather than my foreign vegetable plants.  Good for the ecosystem, easier on me. 🙂

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One Response to 2013 gardening

  1. Sue Zimmer says:

    OMG, just wrote a long reply and when I tried to post it wouldn’t work. Anyhoo, I too love gardening although I didn’t get much veggies in this year, only tomatoes. I also planted two cherry trees and two grapes. I love your idea of weeding only where it is absolutely needed, so logical!


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