crocheted earrings ta da!

I have had a hankering for crocheting with thread lately.  It hasn’t gone away, so expect some more ta da’s this summer yet. 🙂

I have quite the collection of thrifted, vintage crochet cotton thread, so I used that to make these delicate but not petite pineapple earrings.

Sparkle&DoomDesigns{cream size 30 J&P Coats vintage cotton thread, bronze fresh water pearls, dark coppercoloured 26 gauge wire}

They’re fairly long to wear, but I couldn’t get a decent selfie to show you.  This pair I’ll be keeping for moi, but I’ll probably make a pair for the shop.  They’re a bit victorian & steampunk looking, aren’t they?

Sparkle&DoomDesigns Sparkle&DoomDesigns{thrifted size 20 or 30 (no label) crochet thread, tiny blue fresh water pearls, larger cream fresh water pears, silvertone wire}

This set will most likely get listed in the shop.  I added two extra dangles on the ends of these earrings, and I like how that looks.  The little blue pearls are so cute!  I couldn’t find some pastel blue faceted pearls that I have, so I settled for these tiny ones and the creamy ones.  I don’t have a chain to put on the pendant, but I’m certain that many people have extra chains in their jewelry wardrobe that they would be able to use.

Sparkle&DoomDesigns Sparkle&DoomDesignsA couple more glamour shots! 😀

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3 Responses to crocheted earrings ta da!

  1. fiddlyfingers says:

    These are beautiful. I especially like the cream ones but I do like the way you have added two beads to the bottom of the white/blue ones. I love crocheting in thread it feels so elegant 🙂


    • Thank you! It’s elegant, but it’s certainly hard on the fingers and eyes! I need to invest in a magnifying thing. 🙂


      • fiddlyfingers says:

        I know just where you’re coming from. I have to wear glasses for close up work like this and I would need to use a magnifying glass. Thank you for popping over to meet Chester and so pleased you like him 🙂


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