#31 out of 99 Ways To Cut, Sew, Tie & Rock Your Scarf

I love this book!  Thanks so much to Thriftygirl who got it for me.  It’s got so many great ideas for creating clothes from scarves.  I’ve been meaning to use it more often that the once a year I’m currently doing.  I was thinking that this summer, with Rhiannon’s new interest in clothes and style, that it would be the perfect time to dive into my scarf stash and get sewing.

picking out the scarves

picking out the scarves

my ribbon stash

my ribbon stash

Being a bit of a hoarder can be a good thing if you’re willing to actually use the things you hoard IMO.  So once we had a pattern, #31 jolene , a kimono-style top, Rhiannon went through the several scarves I pulled out for this project.  I’ve found that with the kids it’s best not to overwhelm them with choices, so I didn’t go a-hunting for ALL my scarves.  We found some white satin ribbon that I recently aquired from my MIL from when she was doing some destashing.  I don’t have a lot of blue ribbon. :/ hmmf.

We discussed the pattern and our scarves, as I’m trying to teach her to think about her projects as well as the basic skills needed to make them.  We decided we’d have to add another scarf to the sleeve scarf to make it wide enough.  We also decided to sew the sleeves shut a bit rather than leave them wide open as per the pattern.  Also we delayed cutting the scarves until we absolutely had to.  Scarves fray so badly!!

sleeves on teh ironing board after being sewn together

sleeves on the ironing board after being sewn together

I also taught her about ironing scarves and being careful not to burn or melt them.

You see that little bit of left over scarf?  Another idea is brewing and I hope to do it tomorrow {as soon as I dig out some other fabric!}

sleeves sewn on. now to cut the centre!

sleeves sewn on. now to cut the centre!

She choose the dark blue flower print scarf to be the body, and the light blue sleeves work well we think!

I kept catching her relaxed face rather than the smile. :(

I kept catching her relaxed face rather than the smile. 😦

Sparkle&DoomDesigns Sparkle&DoomDesigns


We worked with the slanted edge of the stripey scarf and so her sleeve hems have this cool longer part.  She really loved that part if the kimono. 🙂  She also made off with another scarf to use as her belt, the bandit!


  • 4 scarves (stash-thrift)
  • lt blue thread (stash)
  • white satin ribbon (stash-MIL)
FINALLY a smile!!

FINALLY a smile!!

Ta Da!!  We’re pretty happy with it.  There were mistakes, and trust me – unpicking a seam on scarves is a job where you need a LOT of patience.  Working with beads has it’s advantages!

I couldn’t just have ONE Ta Da to share. I finally {FINALLY} got the purple owly wristwarmers done for Rhiannon! {finally}

two ta da's!!!

two ta da’s!!!

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  1. asliceofsuzi says:

    Love both projects!


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