canada day weekend

we had a lovely long weekend with a dozen friends, great bbq, and fireworks.


A longtime friend brought fireworks, and combined with what we had, put on quite the show.  We had a lot of fun watching!  There will be a video of it on his Youtube channel, which I’ll link to when it’s up.  There is some adorable giggling to be had on it. 🙂

Sparkle&DoomDesignsOur guests camped in our generous yard, sleeping in the muggy heat and mosquitos.  The ponies and chickens didn’t keep them up to late, the late night chitchats around the fire did. 🙂  MMM smores, steaks, cold drinks, hot drinks, and fireflies! It was a pretty great weekend.  Not enough little kids came out, only one.  So my kids spent most of the hot hot days inside playing video games, watching movies, and playing barbies.

Sparkle&DoomDesignsMy girl was feeling sick all weekend. Recovering from a bad case of heatstroke from her last day of school trip. 😦

Sparkle&DoomDesignsA very pregnant friend didn’t go into labour (wouldn’t THAT have been exciting).  The animals managed the heat well, with lots of breaks inside.  Frank sure enjoyed the attention extra hands bring. 🙂


The sale is over in the shop.  It was not a resounding success, and so I think I will not be doing a month long sale again.  Perhaps I’ll go the route of “Flash Sales” and have a steeper discount for a very limited amount of time.  Perhaps having such a long sale window led potential customers to be complacent about shopping.  I’m not really certain, but I know there is a lot of mental and social dynamics that come into play.  I think that having a quick sale would be more attractive, even if it doesn’t really make much sense rationally.  I took accounting in college when I should have taken sales and marketing. *sigh*

I was going to show off some booties I started during the long weekend, and finished today.  But I realized I hadn’t posted about THE long weekend yet!!  So , tomorrow – Booties!  Adorable adorable booties!

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One Response to canada day weekend

  1. Jen says:

    Sounds like a good time was had by all 🙂 I hope your girl is fully recovered soon!


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