june update

well, it’s almost the end of June.  We’ve had a few ups and downs this month.  Lots of transitions, a loss, and not-so-great weather.

First of all: A reminder that my June Sale is happening and ALMOST OVER!!  20% off your WHOLE order with coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAYTOYOU, not including shipping.

get shopping!

The baby chickens are now hanging out with the Ladies.

The baby chickens are now hanging out with the Ladies.

Some interesting breeds or mixed breeds I have.  I haven't for sure figured out who's a hen or rooster yet

Some interesting breeds or mixed breeds I have. I haven’t for sure figured out who’s a hen or rooster yet

The little chickens are growing up so fast, and yet, not fast enough. I want to know what I have!! I’m hoping to get some lavender and blue egg layers!  Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

I’ve looked through my last month of photos, but couldn’t find one of Sky, our youngest mare.  It turns out that she was indeed pregnant, and not just chubby.  Unfortunately she lost the foal.  It looked like it was malformed a bit.  We are very disappointed and sad.  I was looking forward to having a baby horse to spoil and love, and so was the rest of the family.  Sky is doing well.  She seems to be in good health.  That’s what counts.

we have 2 families of geese who come and swim on the big slough sometimes

we have 2 families of geese who come and swim on the big slough sometimes

Sparkle&DoomDesignsI’ve turned into quite an avid wildlife watcher.  I especially enjoy all the birds that we get around here.  I was worried that our one dog who doesn’t mind slogging through the sloughs (much to our dismay) would find and eat the goose and duck eggs around.  But I think that these two families nested in a smaller slough that is slightly connected to the giant slough in our front yard due to the high water levels.  This year the two families seem to each have 5 babies each (rather than the 13 and 2 from last year).  The goslings are still yellow and pretty darn cute.  I can’t get close to them at all, so this is as good as it gets. 🙂

No baby ducklings yet, but I’m hoping soon.  Coots are an ugly duck, but their babies look exactly like rubber ducks except soot black in colour.

No eagle sightings lately, no owls, but I’ve seen a few hawks sitting in the trees on our drives.

As the sunlight and warmth comes my moods get better, and I start to clean and organize! yay!  I’ve been working on my studio on and off.  I have way to many interests and all the crafting material that comes with that.  But I snapped a couple of photos to give you a quick peek into the chaos that is my mind, muse, and craft room.

Sparkle&DoomDesignsThis is the shelves on one side of the window.  The bottom has fabrics that I love, a bottle or 4 {containing keys, shells}.  The next one up has a weird not-latchhooking kit of a horse that I intend to do with my horse loving daughter {some day}, boxes of polyester fabric squares to be made into a picnic blanket, a birds nest with eggs, an Indian elephant, a church birdhouse that needs to be painted, Hello Kitty,….  The next shelf has some scrapbooking books, finished pages, and plastic envelopes of paper, two nesting dolls, a Calico Critter hadgehog boy, boxes of scrapbooking stamps, and my collection of Bernat Mosaic yarn.  On the top shelf {not shown} is a couple of under-the-bed bags full of yarn.  There is another whole shelf beside this on this wall. {another day?}

Sparkle&DoomDesignsThis shelf is also next to the window {on the same wall as the window}.  On the shelf below is a ton of needlecraft kits, Star Wars puzzle, some magazines.  This shelf I’m showing you has a really cute white rabbit cookie jar.  I started to wash him and some paint on his bowtie came off 😦 . Organizing my zillion magazines is a chore, but it’s so great when it’s done.  This shelf has a lot of old 1970-80s McCall Needlework/craft magazines, vintage doily magazines and a few tiny magazines on the left of the magazine boxes.  I displayed my new chainmaille book {future post!} and a really neat Nostalgic Beading book in front of the magazines.  Then my quilting rulers and mats had to go somewhere.  Also in front is a REALLY cute canister {I collect canister sets} set that has bright flowers and are numbered 1,2,3.  My friend Megan picked them up for me after I saw them on the MCC Face Book page, saw them in person, DIDN’T get them, suffered thrifter remorse, and moped about it.  THANKS MEGAN!! 😀  Why I didn’t get them that day I’ll never know.  Draped over the canisters is the start of a little cowl featuring skulls {SQUEE!}. Pattern here.  I love the yarn I used, but I ran out.  Have to order more online as none of the stores around here seem to carry it. :/ Red Heart Boutique Treasure in watercolours.  So pretty and soft.  I made a cute lacey sweater that I also need to post about soon with the yarn. 🙂  The green pyrex is holding found rocks that are pretty and should be tumbled sometime.  Above this shelf is another with marbles, more magazines, jar of sequins, and just lots of stuff I can’t remember at the moment.  In the corner you can see the chaos creeping in.  That’s a pile of papers sitting on a beading cart in front of the shelves.

My name is Anita, and I am a craft addict. <3!

Sparkle&DoomDesignsThose that know me in the flesh know what a big deal these next few sentences are.  My low riding jeans are snug where they should be, and medium shirts are getting tight.  I am gaining weight! And it’s a good thing.  I’m pretty happy, and my mood is improving.  Of course I have gloomy days, but who doesn’t.  I’m gaining weight that I’m noticing it and it’s getting hard to squeeze between the fence boards.  Now I’ll have to go over or the long way around. 😉

Sparkle&DoomDesignsI got myself new shoes and they make me pretty happy. {pre-vacuumed carpet – keeping it real folks!}  A bit victorian and a bit steampunk.  A nice rich brown tone. Quite the heel, but I wore them today and it wasn’t so bad.

our rainy day past-time!

our rainy day past-time!

As I mentioned at the start of the post, the weather has been blah. Rainy days when my husband is off and the kids are in school mean we can do a bit of dice throwing. I’m a nerd.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I am sorry to hear about your foal. It is good that Skye survived the birth and is doing well, though. I like your shoes and am glad you are feeling happier, and healthier too!


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