monday beading

I didn’t get to the Tie Skirt yesterday, but I finished the plaid part of my logcabin quilt and mended a couple of pairs of jeans.  So not all was lost.  Today, I tackled some crochet, and beading.  I’ve been thinking about doing a pearl multistrand necklace using thrifted faux pearls.  It looks quite lovely!

thrifted pearl bead soup!

thrifted pearl bead soup!

I’ve also been relisting older pieces, and listing new pieces this past week.  Make sure to check my shop for jewelry you’ll fall in love with.  More new pieces will be added all week.  Including that pearl necklace above. 🙂

Sparkle&DoomDesignsclick on the above photo to go to my shop, or the photo on the sidebar. 🙂

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2 Responses to monday beading

  1. MissNeriss says:

    I love that pearl necklace!


    • Thank you! I’m going to make another today. They’re very pretty and look just that right amount of chunky at three strands. Most faux pearl necklaces are boring, but not this one I think. 🙂


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