geese and porcupine

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today.  It’s snowing again, which may be why I’m feeling … grey.  I managed to find some wildlife on our drive.  No photos of hawks, however, as they flew off just as I was getting ready to take a photo – every time. :/

Annoyed Canadian Geese

Annoyed Canadian Geese

What is that up in a tree??

What is that up in a tree??

It's a porpuine!

It’s a porpuine!

Yup. Porcupines climb trees.  Can you imagine them falling on you?  That would be so painful!  You can even see how long some of his quills are.

I’m hoping to feel good enough to sew with Rhiannon tomorrow.  I want to make a Tie Skirt with her.  I’ll be taking photos, so I’ll put together a little tutorial.  🙂

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