a thrifty week

Sparkle&DoomDesigns pyrex

Well I’ve been getting quite a bit of retail therapy this past week.  Lots of thrifting got done!

We visited Value Village and the Sally Ann.  I found lots of Pyrex, and took some of it home with me. 🙂  I’ve been resisting buying Pyrex just cuz I don’t have it, and only buying what I really like.  I have no room to store it as it is, and have to find different ways to use it.  We also found a great pottery mug ($1.99), snapjar ($0.99), vintage needlework kit ($1.99), cards, and enameled pots.  I’m not a big enamel collector, I think I only have one orange kettle, that I couldn’t resist cuz it’s orange.  These pots, however, are adorable!  I’m not sure if we’ll actually use them for cooking, so I’ll have to come up with a way to display them.  Perhaps wire the lids on and then hang them on the wall?


Clear Colonial Mist mixing bowls and Old Town mug

Clear Colonial Mist mixing bowls and Old Town mug

I really like these bowls! ($5.99 for both)  The pattern is hard to see on the clear bowls, but I like the subtlety. Another mug ($0.99) for my growing collection of Pyrex mugs!

I also found another creamer for my collection. The pattern is Harvest Home. ($1.99) Now I have 4 creamers, officially a collection.  I also have the tea mugs in this pattern, and I wish they made other pieces in it.  It’s on my short list of favorites.

The small brown dish was $1 at Sally Ann.  Browns and oranges are my favorite, and must come homw with me always!

I also got a set of 4 saucers by Termo-Rey, made in Brazil, that have the Butterfly Gold pattern.  They’re translucent, and were $1.99 for 4.

english pyrex!

english pyrex!

An English Pyrex round casserole was found at Value Village. ($3.99)  This design is so bold and modern looking, but since it has JAJ on the bottom probably pre-1973 or so.  I couldn’t find a reference site for English Pyrex and don’t have the reference book in my library. I really like it!

I saw some old clear pyrex with the pretty knobbed lids, but didn’t get it.  Maybe next time I should and try my hand at re-selling Pyrex on Etsy or eBay.

almost matching enameled pots

almost matching enameled pots

Aren’t these pots so colourful?!?  I couldn’t find any maker marks on either pot.  The little one was found by my thrifter-in-training daughter ($4.99), and the pan was found in a dingy second-hand shop for $3.  I was certainly hoping for treasure in that shop, but this pot was all they had.  Dissappointing.  The pots are in great condition, the colours very vibrant.

Sparkle&DoomDesigns needlework Sparkle&DoomDesigns cards

What treasures have you been finding?  What are you always on the look out for?

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6 Responses to a thrifty week

  1. molly says:

    i had a full set of the enamelled pots! still have and use the oval roaster. it would be neat if the pot on the left in the pic had been one of mine! happy thrifting! cheers, molly


  2. Christi says:

    So pretty!!! I love thrifting as well- what wonderful treasures you found! ❤


    • Thanks! I love love love the old needlework kits! Unless it’s a boring picture of flowers or holiday-themed, I usually get them. I have got to get to work on them. 🙂 Things were just nicer and more interesting 40 years ago. *sigh*


      • molly says:

        having been around forty years ago, and being deeply involved in many different types of crafting at the time, i think i would have to agree in part…still and all there are new types of things popping up all the time – and nan will look back and feel the same way you do now! btw – i know i have some old needlework kits hidden in the depths of my stash…i will let you know when i find them – no reason on earth that you shouldn’t have them!


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