beadwork Saturday

what I did today…

I went from this....

I went from this….

I needed to work on a commission piece for my Gma.  She had received some beads from the Netherlands from visiting family.  She wanted them made into a necklace.  The round blue ceramic beads I got at Michaels and they match perfectly!

I also wanted to finish these cultured pearl and crystal earrings that I found while cleaning up my studio yesterday.  The hard part was finding the pattern. But I got them done and they look fabulous.  Now to decide if I want to keep them or list them in the shop.

I wanted to work with ribbon again today.  It takes a while and is pretty fussy to workwith, but I really like the end product.  The pink rose and pearl pieces will probably be made into necklaces.  I’ll add chain or ribbon to extend them into a necklace. The owl ribbon earrings have been living in my head for quite a while now, so I’m glad they’re out now in the world.  Now to decide if I will list them or keepthem.  I have more owl ribbons, so I think I might end up making a set. 🙂  One ribbon has several different owls, so I think making earrings with several “links” would be cute. this. :)

… this. 🙂

I didn’t up making anything with the agate stones or skulls.  Maybe another day.

An afternoon well spent.

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