newest thrifting successes

I’ve been thrifting at a couple of thrift shops the last couple of weeks.  We’ve found some lovely treasures. 🙂

Sparkle&DoomDesigns Sparkle&DoomDesigns

Sparkle&DoomDesignsFor the crafting side of things I found a quilt frame (for hand quilting I assume), crossstitch fabric, a vintage needlework kit, and some really great doily pattern books.  This weaving book is really helpful.   It has instructions on doing pretty much any type of weaving.  I want to try weaving this summer for sure.  I also found an interesting crochet hook. It’s very comfortable to hold, so it’ll be great for bead crochet.

So happy to find a big Friendship casserole dish with clear lid ($5), and a cute Butterprint bowl ($1).  ❤ Pyrex!


I found this great beaded amulet bag at MCC for 75 cents if you can believe it.  It’s made with delica seed beads and is in perfect condition.  The chain was “broken” – not connected to it’sjump ring and very easy to fix.  However,I think I’ll be changing it to a strap of some sort, perhaps ribbon, as it’s to small to go over my head and doesn’t have a strap.


I love the peacock on this old tin found at VV.  There’sa blemish on the cover, but it’s still really pretty.


My hunny found this kaleidoscope at MCC.  It’s pretty sweet.  The eye end needs to be glued on, but otherwise it works great.  I think we paid 25 cents for it.  🙂


A view through the scope!

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2 Responses to newest thrifting successes

  1. wow you have some great finds there 🙂


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