earrings-a-day march 27 & 28

teal shell earrings

teal shell earrings

top view

top view

I matched these shells with these pretty teal seed beads.  SImply starting at the collette, I added several seed beads then the top shell, more seed beads, shell, seed beads, & last shell.  I created a picot with 4 seed beads to hold the shells on and went back up my bead path to the very top.  Going back down through the beads, then start the other side. In order to get the lengths the same I didn’t count beads, and added beads to make certain lengths.  Between the shells it measured 0.5 inches.

bottom view!

bottom view!

In this photo you can see the picots I did on the bottom!

orange and pink shell ladder earrings

orange and pink shell ladder earrings

Sparkle&DoomDesigns shell bar earringsAnother pair of long earrings!  I like to wear my earrings long sometimes.

Thin shell beads with two holes create an intersting ladder effect.  I left a lot of space between the shell beads, but if it would look just as interesting if you used several closer together.

I used pink sparkle seed beadswith the orange shell beads to get an interesting colour combination.

Sparkle&DoomDesigns shell bar earrings

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