sunny sunny weekend!!



Sky and her brother Pokey

Sky and her brother Pokey

Thunder - pronounced T'under

Thunder – pronounced T’under

Through the Knot Hole

Through the Knot Hole

couldn't get a chickadee to land in my hand

couldn’t get a chickadee to land in my hand

because I had company

because I had company

of the black & white and meowing variety

of the black & white and meowing variety

Enjoying the start of Spring this weekend!

Housework, crafts, outside time.

Spring Fling Pillow ingrediantsI’ve decided to do the Spring Fling Pillow, encouraged by my husband and daughter.  It’ll be for her, so she gets to help pick colours and design choices.

I need to get it done if I want it to be included in the Red Heart feature mosaic.  I hope they forgive me for using Bernat yarn!

Happy Day MobileI’m still working on the baby mobiles!

I’m doing four right now.  I’ve decided to use a different cloud pattern as I really didn’t like what Crochet Today! uses.

I found this adorable cloud pattern at Knits and Knots.  I’m making the cloud stuffed, so I crochet two and put them right side to wrong side.  You can’t flip them, so one side of the cloud will be the wrong side.


I also got back to work on my Drunken Lumberjack Logcabin Quilt.  It’s coming along, and I am still really enjoying making it.   I have a few other scrappy and sewing projects in my head, but those have to wait until I get these done. 🙂  Resisting the urge to start another new project is hard work!

Soon I’ll be starting seeds, cleaning the yard (4 dogs!!), and designing a new chicken coop! 🙂

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One Response to sunny sunny weekend!!

  1. asliceofsuzi says:

    Cute pics! I love horses when they are all furry. So cute. Your quilt is going to be great! I might try a spring fling pillow too, depends on how much longer my afghan takes. I’ve gotten quite a bit quicker so maybe another week or so. Ya! On to a new project.


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