Happy Day Mobile wip & earrings-a-day march 20

Happy Day Mobile in progress!!  chubby sun!

Happy Day Mobile in progress!! chubby sun!

My Merry Messy Life

I thought I would join in on Hookin’ On Hump Day via My Merry Messy Life.

My Merry Messy Life

I’m working on some baby gifts now that I’m done the Octagon & Squares Throw.   Besides some booties I wanted to make this mobile from Crochet Today!  It is so adorable!  I made my niece one a couple of years ago, and I really loved it.

I’ve got four suns crocheted and am now putting them together.

We had some driving to do today, so rather than try to sew the orange triangles on in the Jeep, I decided to work on the raindrops. One colour equals easy travelling project!

I got three and a half done up to the stuffing+last round stage. 🙂

raindrops in progress

raindrops in progress

thrifted 80s stars and cup chain!

thrifted 80s stars and cup chain!

Sparkle&DoomDesigns retro star earringsToday’s earrings are made from the Thrift Bin.  Peach metal star earrings from the 80s get an update!

I made them long dangles with some hard wire about 2 inches long with wrapped loops.  I then wire-wrapped some clear rhinestones to the hard wire.

I choose some peach coloured wire that complemented the stars.  I went from the bottom to the top, and then back down.

close up

close up


Sparkle&DoomDesigns retro stars and rhinestone earrings

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6 Responses to Happy Day Mobile wip & earrings-a-day march 20

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  2. Oh how cute! I love the sun and the raindrop. What a great idea for a baby mobile, or baby toys. Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!


  3. Christi says:

    The mobile is adorable!! What a lucky baby 🙂


  4. navywifeypeters says:

    Cute sun! The mobile is going to look great!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party


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