earrings-a-day march 19

thrifted cute shells and coconut earrings

thrifted cute shells and coconut earrings

Sparkle&DoomDesigns close upThis is the best combination of the results from the poll!

Thrifted shell earrings. 🙂

These shells are so adorable.  I wanted to make earrings with a whole mess of them.  And then there was this broken necklace with these carved coconut leaves.  So combining them both created a long, chunky earring with lots of shell dangles!

I even made the S links with wire.  You bend the wire around your round nose pliers, then with the loop snugged up close between the ‘blades’ of the pliers you bend the wire around creating another loop.  You cut the wire where it meets in the middle. Perhaps I should do a tutorial on techniques I use with wire.

On to more photos!

Sparkle&DoomDesigns Sparkle&DoomDesigns

You can see into the shells a bit in the above photo.  To attach the shells (always a tricky thing – working with shells) I made a loop at the end of the wire that would go up into the shell and give it stability.  Then with careful pressure I created the loop at the top.  That’s the hardest part as it’s easy to crack the shell, or make the loop to far away from the shell.


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