earrings-a-day march 17

unearthed from the THRIFT Bin

unearthed from the THRIFT Bin

It’s a tie!!

According to my poll 40% want me to use my Thrift bin, and 40% want me to use Shell beads.  So I started today exploring the Thrift Bin!  I’ll make a few from this and the rest from the Shell Bin. 🙂

Sparkle&Doom Designs closeup

Searching for paired components was more challenging than I anticipated, but I did find some interesting pieces.

These small water colour canvases were interesting, and so was the earring that was made up of two matching stained glass-esque components.

As you can also see, I started making another earring with cream beads from a bracelet found in the bin, and pearl seed beads from my stash.  I was going to attach the water colour canvases to it, but it didn’t work out like I wanted.  I’ll just make the beadwoven components an earring on their own.

Thrifted canvases and beads

Thrifted canvases and beads

Sparkle & Doom Designs watercolour close up

Only the earwires and wire are new, everything else in these earrings are from the bin.

I strung three pretty aqua wooded beads and four clear acrylic faceted beads on the blue wire, finishing both loops with wraps.  Before I wrapped the bottom loop I strung the canvas so that I didn’t have to attach it with a seperate jump ring.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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