earrings-a-day march 15 & 16

amazonite earrings

amazonite earrings

Sparkle and Doom Amazonite earrings

I always find amazonite an interesting stone.  It’s colour is so soft and mysterious.

I decided to use these light silvertone frames for the amazonite round beads.  The holes in the frames are really big so the 3-cut silver seed beads are inside them, as well as peeking out keeping the stone centered in the frame.

I strung the beads on wire to give the piece stiffness, although I could have used thread.

I did a coil accent on the bottom and a wrapped loop on top for security.

Faceted Emerald earrings

Faceted Emerald earrings

Sparkle and Doom emerald earrings

I absolutely love these emerald beads.  They’re faceted which gives them a bit of sparkle and their translucent colour is so beautiful.

I strung them on silvertone wire and used a wrapped loop for security.  I then attached them with jump rings to the bottom of the leaf shaped silvertone elements.  I also used one link per earring of some decorative chain to give it interest and length.

They’re  long earrings, but I think the emerald still manages to be the star of the ensemble.

Sparkle and Doom emerald earrings

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